McGhie & Bolton

McGhie & Bolton, Manufacturers, Dealers & Exporters in Photographic & Chemical Apparatus, Optical & Electrical Appliances, &c., Gresham House, 47, West Nile Street.ó

    The noted firm of McGhie & Bolton have been established for the last seven years in their present premises, 47, West Nile Street. They are manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in chemical, electrical, and photographic apparatus and material, and theirs is one of the most celebrated concerns of the kind in this country. The premises (in addition to the workshops) comprise a spacious double shop facing the street and extensive showrooms in the rear. The showrooms contain specimens of all the firmís manufactures, &c., and form in themselves a complete scientific museum. Everything connected with the photographic art is obtainable at this establishment, and on the most moderate terms, whilst the quality of every article is guaranteed.

    The firm obtained a prize medal at the Edinburgh Exhibition (1886) for general excellence of their productions. Their travellers visit every important town in the three kingdoms, and the firm have connections on the Continent, in America, and the colonies, to all of which places their manufactures are exported. Their business is simply enormous, and it is steadily increasing year by year, and the reputation of the house is of the highest order. We may observe that price-lists and every information will be supplied free on application. It is, perhaps, needless to say that the firm with so large a business and wide connection employ a very large working staff.

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