R. A. McGilvray

R. A. McGilvray, Architectural Modeller, Plasterer, &c., 129, West Regent Street, and 23, West Graham Street.—

    The large and important business conducted by Mr. R. A. McGilvray was originally established, in the year 1869, in West Campbell Street, by Mr. James Steel, jun., and came into the possession of Mr. McGilvray in 1878. The business was removed from Bath Lane to the present address in 1882.

    Mr. McGilvray is an architectural modeller, plasterer, and worker in concretes, and the following descriptive enumeration of the work he executes will give our readers an idea of the comprehensiveness of the trade carried on :- Enrichments of all sizes, centre flowers, angle pieces, trusses, capitals, corbels, panellings, pilasters, columns, pedestals, &c. All kinds of plaster fibre skilfully executed ; also statuary, placques, shields, &c. Copies from the antique and anatomical casts always kept in stock, and estimates given for furnishing mansions, schools, and studios with these works of art. Concrete work in aquariums, arches, balconies, barn floors, basements, baths, boiler sheds, coach-houses, conservatories, court-yards, drill halls, engine-houses, fireproof and waterproof safes, flat waterproof roofs, footpaths, &c., &c. In short, he does every description of plain and ornamental plaster and concrete work in the most approved styles.

    He employs on an average about eighty hands, and the connection is large, influential, and substantial. The following is a list of some of the larger contracts he has executed for plastering and decorations :—The Renfrew Town Hall ; Wellington U. P. Church, Glasgow ; Clyde Navigation Chambers, Robertson Street ; New Citizen Offices ; Mr. Thomas Brown’s mansion-house, Dalnair ; Drymen Walter McKenzie’s mansion-house, Duntocher ; High School, Embank Street ; Commercial Bank, St. Vincent Street ; British Linen Bank, West George Street ; Mr. James Thomson’s mansion-house, Glentower ; Mr. John Kyle’s mansion, Forres ; Glasgow Municipal Buildings — Council Chamber, Reception Rooms, Saloons, &c. ; Mr. James Cowan’s house, Ross Hall, Renfrewshire ; Western Infirmary, Glasgow ; Anderson Free Church, Glasgow ; Petershill Public School, Glasgow ; St. George’s-in-the-Field’s Church, Glasgow ; Messrs. Caldwell & Chrichton’s premises, Trongate, Glasgow ; Cranstonhill U.P. Church, Glasgow ; Glasgow Tramway Company’s stables, Maryhill ; William Beattie’s bakery, Glasgow ; James Brownlie’s bakery, Barrhead ; Richard Brown's mansion-house, Largo ; Govan Burgh Buildings ; Govan parish church ; Thomas Shanks & Co.’s engineering works, Johnstone ; Z. Heig & Co.'s works, Barrhead ; A. G. Barns Graham’s mansion, “Craigallian”, Milngavie ; Bumbank U.P. Church, Hamilton ; Jean Street Public School, Port Glasgow ; Walter King’s villa, Paisley ; W. F. M. Gibbon's villa, Pollockshields ; W. Craig’s villa, Pollockshields ; John McNee’s villa, Pollockshields ; Mrs. J. E. Miller’s villa, Pollockshields ; Glasgow Eye Infirmary ; Maryhill Burgh Buildings ; Scottish Panorama Company's Buildings, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, &c., &c.

    The premises in West Regent Street comprise handsome office, workrooms, and showroom, the whole covering an area of some two hundred square yards. Mr. McGilvray’s immense trade is worked on the most honourable and straightforward lines, and in a way which has obtained for him a reputation of the very first order.

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