James McGlashan

James McGlashan, Commission Merchant, 88, Renfield Street.—

    The business over which Mr. James McGlashan so ably presides was originally established in 1879 at Central Chambers, Hope Street, with stores, &c., at Park Road. The development of the business was extremely rapid and necessitated a removal to more commodious premises. The present extensive establishment was therefore taken. Even this has been found insufficient for the increasing trade, and a branch has been opened with great success in Edinburgh.

    Mr. James McGlashan acts as agent for many important firms, among which may be mentioned Thomas Bennett & Co. the well-known manufactures of gold and silver leaf ; Crowden & Garrod, brushmakers of London, who are noted for the excellence of their painting and fancy brushes, and are recognised as one of the best firms in the brush trade ; the Yorkshire Varnish Company, Ripon ; and various other high class firms.

    In addition to these branches of business there are several leading features of Mr. McGlashan’s business. He has devoted special attention to the sponge trade, with which he has been intimately connected for many years, importing direct from Hydra, Syra, Calymos and other known centres of this trade. In this department the proprietor commands the most extensive and important trade in Scotland. A large business is also done in chamois leathers, gloves, &c.; also in dry colours, which are supplied largely to the leading manufacturers, decorators, &c.

    An efficient staff of travellers, clerks and others are employed and an enormous trade is done in all parts of Scotland. The proprietor or his representatives regularly visit the principal towns, and the name of the firm is well known throughout the North generally. The connection, which is of the highest order and continually increasing, has lately extended to Ireland. The business is very ably conducted, and owes its success entirely to the exceptional energy and ability that have been displayed in the management by the proprietor, who has placed his establishment in the front rank of mercantile houses.

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