A. B. McIlvride

A. B. McIlvride, The City Paper Box Works, 49, Jamaica Street.—

    The extensive business carried on by Mr. A. B. McIlvride, of The City Paper Box Works, presents many features of unusual interest, and has for many years occupied a leading position amongst the great industrial establishments of this city. The business dates back in its foundation to the year 1855, when it was established in South Frederick Street, where it was most successfully carried on for thirty years, and in 1885 the present extensive and commodious premises were entered upon.

    These comprise two large flats utilised as a manufactory and warehouse, together with packing and salerooms, and all the accessories of a large and thoroughly organised establishment. The mercantile department is conducted in a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house, situated at Jamaica Chambers. The business consists in the manufacture of all kinds of plain and ornamental boxes, including drapers’ stock boxes, pattern cards and books, travellers’ sample cases, &c. ; the firm also import extensively all kinds of fancy stationery, of which they hold a large and valuable stock in the warehouse.

    A special feature of this firm is the new patent collapsible grouse box, which is the invention of Mr. McIlvride, and is secured by Royal Letters Patent, No. 9886—87. The success attending the introduction of this truly valuable and useful article has been quite unprecedented, and has spontaneously called forth the admiration and approval of hundreds of sportsmen, keepers, and game-dealers throughout the United Kingdom. It is excellently made, with label and tapes ready for parcels post, and admirably ventilated. It is, in short, a perfect grouse box. The prices are, one-brace box, 3s.; two-brace box, 4s. per dozen.

    The manufactory presents a busy and animated scene of industrial activity, over fifty skilled and experience workpeople being employed. The firm also send out energetic travellers. The business connections extend to all parts of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the popularity attending their goods is well testified by the continued and ever-increasing demand upon their resources. Mr. McIlvride numbers among his patrons many of the nobility, aristocracy, and country families of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as the leading firms in the trade.

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