Mcllvride, Johnston & Orr

Mcllvride, Johnston & Orr, Manufacturers by Power of Fancy Paper and Drapers' Boxes, Pattern Cards and Boxes, 43, Queen Street.—

    One of the principal houses in the fancy paper and drapers’ box trade is that presided over by Messrs. Mcllvride, Johnston & Orr, the successors to the business that was originally founded by the late Mr. A. B. Mcllvride in 1856. The premises now occupied comprise spacious and well-fitted works, where a large number of hands are engaged.

    Most individuals are fully aware of the very numerous instances in which these goods are now used, such as for millinery, dresses, costumes, gloves, thread, tobacco, and sewing-machine manufacturers' goods, &c. The tendency is to do away with the old-fashioned style of packing goods in paper. In place of this, most firms of importance pack their goods in boxes of some description, and in many cases these are of decided artistic merit. The above firm have gained a great reputation for their highly superior work in this branch of industry. The work is carried out under very careful supervising. Another connection of the firm is mostly with the leading wholesale and manufacturing houses in the Glasgow district and the surrounding suburbs. The business is ably conducted and ranks among the very foremost in the trade.

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