John McIntosh

John McIntosh, Grocer, Wine Merchant, &c., 3, Grosvenor Place, Byres Road, Kelvinbridge.—

    Nearly all grocers now-a-days combine the elements of one or more separate trades with their own. Most of them follow the example of the “stores”, and issue a price list. That of Mr. John McIntosh is a formidable catalogue, but yet by no means includes all the multitudinous articles stored at his premises where he carries on the united trades of family grocer, Italian warehouseman and dealer in beers, wines, and spirits. He commenced business in 1875 in the Great Western Road, but removed to his present premises at Kelvinside in 1875. The shop is a corner one, admirably fitted up, completely stocked, and arranged in the most methodical manner. Though less seen, the extensive cellarage and stores form an adjunct of the highest importance.

    In tea, the staple article upon which most growers base their repute, Mr. McIntosh has made it his study to carefully compare and select only the finest of the different growths, whether of Indian or Chinese origin. The quality and fragrance of those he places for public approval will satisfy the most exacting. So far as his general trade is concerned, Mr. McIntosh is very eclectic ; he pins his faith to no one particular merchant or manufacturer. The result of this is that his customers, whatever the article they may need, have the widest possible field for choice. This is true of his biscuits, jams, jellies, pickles, tinned fruits, preserved meats, sugars, spices, sweetmeats, soap, plate powder, blacking, and all domestic requisites. In the provision department cleanliness is especially studied, as it is indeed throughout the whole of the premises.

    In whisky, Mr. McIntosh prides himself upon a blend of his own which he has termed “The McIntosh Blend of Old Highland Whisky”. It is of great age and purity, and has met with commendation from the Faculty of Physicians as being of the most wholesome character. Its repute has reached across the wide Atlantic, and Mr. McIntosh regularly dispatches consignments across the “Herring Pond”. It is the produce of some of the most popular small Highland stills, and has been thoroughly matured in bond in fine sherry wood, and is really what it has been termed “The very cream of old Scotch whisky”.

    Next to spirits, aerated waters come naturally ; all the best kinds can be obtained through Mr. McIntosh, whether of British or foreign make. In malt liquors he is equally cosmopolitan ; England, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany are alike laid under contribution, and having extensive cellarage he is enabled to send out all that he supplies in the most perfect condition for immediate use.

    In fine, Mr. McIntosh leaves nothing undone which may conduce to the convenience of his customers or lead to a further extension of his already extensive business. Naturally it partakes very much of a local character ; large quantities of goods are, however, dispatched into the country and coastwise, and in these cases the packing is so carefully attended to that damage is impossible. His stock of cheap and wholesome ports, sherries, and clarets from 12s. per dozen up wards, is comprehensive, and a special old matured invalid port, drawn from the wood and sold at 2s. 6d. per bottle, has received the high commendation of many of the leading physicians in the vicinity.

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