William McKean

William McKean, Pork Butcher and Sausage Maker, 280, St. George’s Road, (a few doors north of St. George’s Cross).—

    A house of great celebrity in its line is that conducted by Mr. William McKean, Junior, who succeeded his father in the business in 1886 ; the deceased gentleman having founded the business in 1870. The premises are centrally situated, have an excellent street frontage, and are well-fitted.

    The leading specialities in the business, are black and white puddings, sausages, and potted meats, of which the quality is guaranteed. No American meat of any kind is used in making these special productions, the proprietor buying only country-fed pigs and home-fed cattle. All the goods are manufactured on the premises under Mr. McKean’s personal superintendence, a gas-engine, by Crossley Brothers, of Manchester, being employed to drive the mincing machines. Many experienced assistants are employed, and the business is well organized in every respect. The firm’s puddings are celebrated all over the city and its environs for their excellence, and palatable seasoning. The proprietor is well known as a practical tradesman, and gives the most careful and prompt attention to all orders confided to his establishment.

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