John McLeod & Son

John McLeod & Son, Auctioneers, 63, Renfield Street.—

    The auctioneering and valuing business presided over by Messrs. John McLeod & Son is about one of the oldest of the present firms in this trade in Glasgow, having been originally founded in 1848 by Mr. John McLeod. It was then carried on in Gordon Street, but was subsequently removed to Union Street, and is now carried on in well-appointed and spacious offices at 63, Renfield Street.

    At one time Mr. J. McLeod had a large sale-room (the City Auction Rooms) in Union Street, where for some years he conducted large sales of furniture. The firm act as auctioneers, business agents, valuers, &e. Mr. McLeod is often engaged in intricate disputed cases, valuations, private settlements, &c. When the City Union Railway was first formed and the City Improvements Act was first being put into force, Mr. McLeod’s recognised ability was duly appreciated by being frequently requisitioned to value a great amount of property, &c., in the historic Saltmarket.

    Of late years the proprietor has been ably assisted by his son, Mr. David Russell McLeod, who is now a partner in the firm, who act as agents for various life, fire, and plate glass insurance companies, Sike’s hydrometers, &c. The special feature of the business consists in selling wine and spirit businesses, hotels, restaurants, &c., in addition to other businesses, such as grocers’, oil, colour, fruit, confectioners’, stationers’, drapers’, tobacconists’, &c. A large connection is maintained in all parts, and the firm is one of the most prominent in Glasgow.

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