McMillan Brothers

McMillan Brothers, Glass Paper and Emery Cloth Manufacturers, 100, John Street.ó

    The firm of McMillan Brothers was established about nineteen years ago by the brothers Daniel and William, at 10, Cochrane Street. William retired in the year 1876, since which time Daniel McMillan has carried on the business alone, although retaining the former style.

    The firm manufacture glass paper and emery cloth. The firmís connection is a very large and widespread one, extending all over the United Kingdom, and they likewise ship great quantities to India, Burmah, and the colonies. McMillan Brothers succeeded in producing articles of the highest standard of excellence, and in a few years their reputation was established, and now the firm have no difficulty in finding markets for all they can manufacture.

    Their premises comprise workshop, warehouse and office, which are of good extent and well arranged, and an ample working staff is employed at the establishment in the several departments. Mr. Daniel McMillan is well known in Glasgow and the neighbourhood, and he is always looked upon as a worthy and respected citizen.

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