John McMillan

John McMillan, Chemist, 17, Great Western Road.—

    This is one of the most extensive businesses of its class in the district of Glasgow generally, and is a highly popular establishment that has gained more than usual success. Its origin dates back to 1866, when it was established by Mr. John McMillan at the premises that are still occupied, namely, 17, Great Western Road. These premises are of considerable extent, and are well fitted in every detail. Having a very large and varied stock arranged in effective style, Mr. McMillan uses the upper portion of the premises as a laboratory, where he prepares many of the specialities for which he has gained such great renown.

    A detailed list of these would be uninteresting to those unacquainted with the various technical terms used in the medical world, but among the leading features may be mentioned several different varieties of soluble transparent coated pills. These pills are coated while they are soft, and this is accomplished in such a manner that the therapeutic value of the drugs is preserved, and the coating is nevertheless very soluble. A great advantage of Mr. McMillan’s system is that the coating being transparent the colours of the pill masses are easily apparent, and there is therefore little risk of mistake. Mr. McMillan publishes a small pamphlet that is admirably compiled, and forms a very concise work of reference which has proved to be extremely useful. The business of the firm includes all the branches that are usually incidental to chemists’ trade, and is exceptionally extensive in every department.

    In addition to the establishment in Great Western Road, Mr. McMillan has also a branch at 8, Buckingham Buildings, Hillhead, and has just arranged for a third establishment, in the large premises at present building at Queen Margaret Place, North Kelvinside, a new and rapidly rising district of the city. The connection is widespread, and includes not only the general public, but also many leading members of the medical profession in Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

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