Robert McNab

Robert McNab, Tin Plate Worker, 171, Gallowgate; Works, 66, Moncur Street.

    This old-established house has been in the tin plate trade for over a century, having been established in 1779. The first proprietor was Mr. George Lyon, who set up business in the Coach Close, Gallowgate. The house was carried on there for one hundred and two years, first under the proprietorship of Mr. Lyon, then in the hands Mr. Robert McNab, father of the present proprietor, who died nineteen years ago. Mr. Robert McNab acquired the business in 1851. On the death of his father, Mr. Robert McNab, son of the former proprietor, and now sole partner, took over the business and has since carried it on.

    The premises occupied consist of front and back shop, well stocked with every description of tinware utensils. The works for the manufacture of all kinds of tin ware are situated in Moncur Street, where a large amount of work of the highest description is constantly turned out. The firm has a well-established reputation for the excellent work it does in dairy utensils. When the late Emperor of Russia had his yacht, the Livadia, fitted out, it was the firm of Mr. Robert McNab who supplied the dairy utensils. This house enjoys a wide connection among all the principals of the dairy trade in both town and country.

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