James McNaught, jun.

James McNaught, jun., Wholesale Confectioner and Preserve Maker, Mathieson Street, S.S.—

    Some ten years ago Mr. Jas. McNaught, jun., commenced business as a wholesale confectioner and preserve maker in Centre Street. The establishment very soon proved to be totally inadequate to the growing demands of the business, and with commendable enterprise this gentleman acquired extensive premises in Mathieson Street, and established the now well-known Oatland Preserve and Confectionery Works, which are well recognised as one of the best and most complete manufactories in the trade.

    The building is four stories in height and admirably constructed on the most approved principles All the appliances are the best that skill, mechanical science, and experience have devised, and the various operations are carried out with the greatest ability. A marked and impressive feature of the whole establishment is the bright and cleanly appearance of all the appointments, and the order and regularity everywhere apparent. In connection with the factory are large warehouse and storerooms, in which immense quantities of goods are always on hand ready for shipment to every part of the globe. There is also a handsome suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house, and in the mercantile department a large staff of clerks, assistants, and travellers is constantly employed.

    These jams and jellies are packed both in tins and pots, plain and ornamental, and comprise gooseberry jam and jelly, gooseberry and raspberry jam, black currant jam and jelly, red currant jelly, strawberry jam, apple jelly, damson jam and jelly, plum ditto, greengage jam, home-made marmalade, Scotch ditto, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, bramble jelly, raspberry-flavoured jelly and jams. There is also in the storerooms a large stock of the various kinds of confectionery made by the firm, as rock, balls, drops, and several special varieties of deliciously flavoured sweets. The fruits used in the manufacture of these highly popular jams and jellies are received direct from the growers, great care and judgment being exercised in their selection.

    The firm has a splendid connection for the sale of these goods, extending to all parts of the world. Mr. James McNaught has also, in close proximity to the confectionery department, a wholesale biscuit factory, sufficiently large to keep twelve horses and vans employed conveying goods to all parts of the city. The firm have a large connection in the biscuit trade, their speciality being “tea biscuits”, of which they turn out large quantities. Mr. James McNaught, who is the sole proprietor of this extensive establishment, possesses the advantage of long and thorough experience, occupies an influential position in business circles, and is well known and highly esteemed for his earnest endeavours to promote the best interests of the trade and commerce of the city of Glasgow.

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