Robert McNish & Co.

Robert McNish & Co., Merchants, 47, East Howard Street.—

    The business carried on by the above firm is one of the most important and thriving in Glasgow. It was founded in the year 1870 near its present location, but the proprietors have only occupied the establishment they now utilize about twelve months. These premises consist of a very handsome suite of offices, comprising various sample rooms and counting-house, in addition to the warehouses and bonded stores.

    Messrs. McNish & Co.’s business is principally confined to the importation of wines and teas. In the importation of tea the proprietors certainly take a very leading position. Years ago the firm of Wm. Graham & Co. (of which Wm. Graham, jun., was the ex-M.P. for Glasgow) used to import their teas direct, but for some reason or other they gave up doing so. Messrs. McNish re-established it, and their example has since been followed, although not to such a great extent as in this firm.

    Another special feature of the business is the importation of the most popular and valuable brands of wine, and a widespread reputation has been gained in this direction. Special attention has also been directed to the trade in spices and canned fruit. The firm have established a branch at Singapore, through which they transact most of their business in spices, and now command a very extensive trade all over the world. They daily ship large quantities of goods to all parts, and are particularly noted for the “Eagle” brand of whiskey, which has a reputation that is universal.

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