William McQuaker

Mr. William McQuaker, Fashionable Hat Manufacturer, 48, Trongate.—

    The subject of the following sketch, Mr. William McQuaker, is well and widely known. Originally a native of Ayrshire, he came to Glasgow in the third decade of the century, and commenced business as a fashionable hat manufacturer and merchant at 68, Trongate (in which also were Baine’s coach office and the King’s Arms Hotel), where he carried on business for many years before removing to 48, Trongate, and where the same business has been since carried on successfully.

    He has a large single shop, always well stocked with a genuine supply of hats, caps, &c., and does a large local and country trade, his goods being of that type which always command a strong patronage.

    Mr. McQuaker took an enthusiastic interest in the passing of the Reform Bills, his opinions being always strongly in favour of universal suffrage. Mr. McQuaker is a prominent figure in the annals of the Trongate, and amongst his old and new contemporaries is much respected. Though ably assisted by Mr. Coulter and staff, he still shows by example that the greatest philosophy is that which is summed up in the one word “work”.

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