Colin McQueen & Co.

Messrs. Colin McQueen & Co., Crape, Benares and Muslin Curtain Manufacturers, 21, St. Vincent Place.—

    One of the oldest and most highly reputed of Scottish houses in its special and important line of trade is that of Messrs. Colin McQueen & Co., of St. Vincent Place, Glasgow. This well-known and representative firm was founded as far back as 1762, under the style of John Mair and Co., in Turner’s Court, where the business was carried on for a great many years. A move was at length made to West Ingram Court, followed by another, in 1876, to 47, Ingram Street ; and eventually, in 1882, the present premises in St. Vincent Place were taken.

    Mr. Colin McQueen was connected with the firm of Messrs. John Mair & Co. for twenty-four years prior to 1880, and he is now sole partner in this business, having in the year just mentioned taken it over from the retiring members of that old and notable firm. Long years of careful and judicious management and valuable experience have worked well to the advantage of Mr. McQueen’s business, which stands forth prominently in the city, in a splendid condition of development and genuine prosperity, and possessed of a widespread and influential home and export connection.

    The firm are manufacturers of plain and fancy muslin textiles of all kinds, crepe, Benares, and muslin curtains being the specialite, and they usually employ about one hundred hand-loom weavers in Ayrshire and the north of Ireland. The trade controlled is very large, and is especially well established on the Continent — where Mr. McQueen travels in person for the house — and in all the American markets. Agents are established in every quarter of the United Kingdom, and all the goods supplied are of the finest quality and most unique and beautiful design, being all produced to meet the requirements of a select trade. At the warehouse in St. Vincent Place an extensive and valuable stock is held, and the existence of high managerial capacity, energy, and progressive spirit is manifested in every administrative detail of the firm’s affairs.

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