Meldrum Bros. & Co.

Meldrum Bros. & Co., Warehousemen, 14, Queen Street.

    Among the leading firms engaged as warehousemen a very prominent position is occupied by that of Messrs. Meldrum Bros. & Co., whose business was originally established about twelve years ago in Mitchell Street. About six years ago it was found to be necessary to take more commodious premises, and a removal was therefore made to the present address, where the firm occupy a spacious flat.

    The firm deal in many different descriptions of goods connected with the hosiery and drapery trade. A leading feature of the business consists of gents' scarfs, ties, collars, &c. Mufflers and wool scarves are also dealt in largely, and a varied assortment is always kept in hand, as is also a large stock of collars, braces, belts, handkerchiefs, &c. They also deal largely in such goods as scarf-rings and pins, patent solitaires, sleeve links, and studs. A large trade is done in Glasgow, also throughout Scotland generally.

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