Robert Mickel & Co.

Robert Mickel & Co., Victoria Saw Mills and Steam Joinery Works, Bo’ness. Offices and Stores, 110, Waterloo Street, Glasgow.—

    This firm carry on an extensive business amongst all classes of builders, &c. The superior nature of the workmanship which this firm sends out, combined with the superior value which their wide experience of the wood market ensures, have fully established for them the position of one of the first houses in the trade.

    This business was established about six years ago by Mr. Robert Mickel, in Govan, in premises known as Broomloan Saw Mills, where an extensive connection was secured. The firm, finding the capabilities of their mills at Govan inadequate for the proper carrying on of their increasing business, erected about a year ago the Victoria Saw Mills at Bo’ness (an important timber port), and fitted up special machinery for the class of work they are engaged in. The firm also procured premises in Waterloo Street, where they have their office, stores, workshop, and yard. A large stock of the above is always on hand.

    This firm has a wide connection in all parts of Scotland, where their goods hold a recognised place in the market. The business is noted for the enterprise of its management, and is justly reckoned one of the most substantial houses in this important trade.

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