John Millar

John Millar, Drysalter, &c., 16, St. Vincent Place.

    This is partly agency business, and was founded in 1866 by Mr. John Millar, to whose practical knowledge, energy, and enterprise much of the success achieved is largely due. The proprietor commands a trade in all such goods as starch, chemicals, lubricating oils, and general drysalteries. He represents the world-known firm of Messrs. Brown & Poison, starch manufacturers, of Paisley ; also Mr. John G. Rathborne, of Dublin, sperm oil and candle manufacturer, a firm which has been established since the year 1488. Another agency that is making progress is of a somewhat unique description, and is that of the Patent Waterproof Paper and Canvas Company, Limited.

    This is a firm that have introduced a new material for roofing known as the Willesden Paper Roofing. Of late years many uses have been discovered for paper that would previously have been regarded as absolutely absurd. Nevertheless it is doubtful whether ingenuity is by any means exhausted in this direction. The Willesden paper roofing seems to meet all the requirements for a cheap and durable material for covering and roofing generally. It is wind-tight, water-tight, and in fact unassailable by weather when fixed. It can be easily and readily fixed without the aid of skilled labour ; is equally unaffected by snow as by the greatest heat of the summer sun ; and the general experience in its use has shown that the material is not only free from any danger of rotting or rusting, but that it actually becomes tougher by exposure. Numerous testimonials have been received speaking highly of this novel form of roofing, which has only been in existence a few years. The ease with which it may be fixed, its lightness of weight and cheapness, render it invaluable for all descriptions of buildings, and more particularly in agricultural interests.

    It only remains to point out that among the recent extensive uses of this roofing the following large public buildings have been thus covered, i.e., the International Health Exhibition of London, Bristol Exhibition buildings, agricultural buildings in Amsterdam Exhibition, and the Liverpool Corporation Fever Hospital. Two gold medals were awarded at the Health Exhibition, and one gold medal at Amsterdam. These facts are plainly conclusive of the success that has attended the adoption of this system of roofing. Mr. Millar is developing a trade in this direction, and the Willesden paper roofing is becoming widely renowned and extensively adopted in all parts of the world.

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