Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller, Carver, Gilder, and Print seller, 88, Sauchiehall Street (a few doors west of Renfield Street).

    Prominent among the mediaeval arts handed down to our times is that of the carver and gilder, which finds adequate representation in the well-known house conducted by Mr. Daniel Miller. This establishment was founded by Mr. James Miller (no relation of present proprietor) over forty years ago, at the present address, and has always been noted for the superiority of its productions.

    The premises are tastefully decorated ; the shop is used as a showroom, and the basement utilised as a workshop. The sale department contains a variety of oil and water-colour paintings, by eminent Scotch and English artists. The work comprised in the executive department includes the manufacture of picture and mirror frames, the mounting and varnishing of drawings, maps, and plans, and there-lining and restoring of paintings generally.

    The branch, however, to which the most studied attention is devoted is frame-making and re-gilding. Their picture and mirror frames are renowned all over Glasgow and adjacent district for their first-class workmanship, and their other work is of an equally high standard of merit. None but thoroughly experienced workmen are employed.

    The trade is both local and country, and conducted among the upper and middle class of patrons generally. The principal is a thoroughly practical craftsman, and by his courtesy to his patrons has merited their personal esteem and regard.

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