James Miller

James Miller, Wholesale Stationer, 185, Hope Street.

    In reviewing the principal firms in the wholesale stationery, particular notice must be taken of the important and thriving business carried on by Mr. James Miller, which was established about 1865 in premises at 52, West Nile Street, whence it was subsequently removed to the present address about five years ago. The premises now occupied consist of spacious warehouses and offices heavily stocked with a variety of goods incidental to the wholesale stationery trade.

    There are many leading features in which the firm has become particularly noted and developed a very extensive trade. Among these may be mentioned the large stock of book papers, and brown, glazed, and heavy casing, coloured, and other papers. Brown papers form a very important feature of the trade, and the stock is very large and varied in this direction. At present the firm has some very large commercial contracts in hand. A portion of the premises is devoted to the manufacture of gum tickets, also address labels, eyeleted and punched.

    In addition to the premises in Hope Street there is also a large warehouse in Buchanan Street that is used for the storage of heavy papers. An ample staff is engaged at the warehouses, and in addition to this travellers represent the firm in all directions. The connection is not only widespread and important throughout Scotland, but extends to various districts in England. An unsurpassed reputation is maintained for supplying goods of a very superior quality, and the business, which is conducted with marked ability and energy ranks among the principal houses in the trade.

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