Miller, McKinnon & Co.

Miller, McKinnon & Co., Iron and Metal Merchants, 165, West Street.—

    Glasgow has long been known as one of the chief seats of the iron trade. The extensive connection of its shipping with all parts of the world has greatly tended to bring this about. Messrs. Miller, McKinnon & Co., iron merchants, have long held an important position in this branch of industry. The business was established in Dundas Street (South Side) in 1874, but was transferred to the present extensive premises eleven years ago.

    Messrs. Miller, McKinnon & Co. buy up all kinds of scrap iron, doing a large local trade in this article, as well as importing in large quantities from Ireland. They also import axles from England as well as forging and turning shafting. In Scotland they have a well-established business, holding a valuable and wide connection with iron founders, iron works, and brass founders. They buy up and break up large numbers of locomotive engines’ boilers, and, have often large squads of men breaking up iron ships. Though chiefly confined to the old iron trade, the firm occasionally do a considerable traffic In new iron.

    They are well known, having long been one of the foremost houses in their own branch of the iron business, and they enjoy a high reputation.

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