Milne & Burnett

Milne & Burnett, Manufacturers’ Agents, 49, Jamaica Street.—

    Among the leading firms engaged in the business of manufacturers' agents, a very prominent position has been rapidly attained by that of Messrs. Milne & Burnett. The firm occupy well-fitted offices and warehouses, employ an efficient staff, and keep a well-assorted stock. A brief glance at a few of the houses represented will give some idea of the scope of the firm’s trade, which is comprehensive in its character.

    One of the leading houses is that of Messrs. M. & A. Hess, the well-known manufacturers of portmanteaus, trunks, dress baskets, &c., of Bishopsgate, in London. This is a very high-class house, widely renowned for manufacturing the best goods only. They are celebrated for their patent “Climax” fastening bags, which have been introduced with great success, and for which there is a great demand.

    Another very important house that is represented by Messrs. Milne & Burnett is that known as Messrs. John V. Godwin & Co., Bradford, who are the manufacturers of a great variety of dress goods. Special mention should be made of the widely renowned firm of Mandleberg & Co., the proprietors of the Albion Rubber Works, one of the largest factories in the Manchester district. Among the other houses represented may be mentioned that of Messrs. Hart & Co. of London, who are also portmanteau manufacturers, &c.

    In these various agencies Messrs. Milne & Burnett command a very large and influential trade, and supply many of the leading wholesale houses. Their business connections extend to all parts of Scotland, and there are very few instances in which such a large trade has been so rapidly developed, a fact that speaks very highly for the management of the proprietors.

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