A. Mitchell, jun., & Sons

A. Mitchell, jun., & Sons, Manufacturers of Dress Goods, Shirtings, See., Rockvilla Mills, 236, Possil Road.—

This highly important representative of one of Glasgow’s greatest textile industries, a house whose name is well and favourably known to-day in all the home and export markets, dates its history back to the year 1850, when it was originated by Mr. Alexander Mitchell, jun, along with Mr. R. A. Whytlaw. In 1878 Mr. Mitchell, after the dissolution of the firm of Mitchell & Whytlaw, assumed his two sons as partners, and the title of the firm then took its present form of A. Mitchell, jun., & Sons. At Rockvilla Mills this house carries on manufacturing operations upon a most extensive scale, and amid decidedly picturescue surroundings. At the time of the founding of these mills Rockvilla was a small village quite apart from Glasgow, and situated away from the city on the north bank of th© Forth and Clyde Canal. It isnow within the municipal boundary—a striking evidence of the continuously outstretching extension of Glasgow. Although Rockvilla Mills cover an area of four thousand square yards of ground, one might pass within a hundred yards of them and not be aware of the existence of mills in such close proximity. Once inside the precincts of the establishment, and the constant bustle and activity of the place unmistakably proclaim the busy progress of a great industry. The premises may be said to be divided into three parts—(1) the boiler house and engine room, with their powerful equipment; (2) the extensive weaving sheds, which are all one storey in height and admirably planned; and (3) the preparing rooms and warehouse, constituting a block of three spacious flats. The two upper floors in this last-named building are devoted to the preparation of the webs, i.e., “ twisting,” “ winding,” and “beaming,” for each of which technical purposes there are facilities of the best character. The lower floor is set apart for the warehousing of the cloths after they come from the looms. Messrs. Mitchell employ an average force of two hundred and fifty workpeople, and have two hundred and thirty looms in operation within the sheds. The output of these looms does not, however, represent the whole of the cloth which passes from this house to the trade, for the firm give out large numbers of webs to be woven for them by job or commission weavers in and around the 'Glasgow district. Messrs. Mitchell’s principal manufactures consist in zephyrs (and well does the fabric deserve the name), Oxford, wool, and union shirting, and various other important textiles of an allied nature. Messrs. Mitchell's mills are said to have been one of the first in Glasgow in which power-loom fancy weaving was done. The business is a most important and influential one, and is conducted with well-sustained energy and success. The trade is not only widespread in the home markets, but extends all over the world, wherever British manufactures of a textile nature find their way. Mr. Alexander Mitchell, the founder of the business, though he is still head and senior of the firm, now leaves the active management of the concern largely in the hands of his sons, who administer all the affairs of the house in a spirit of prudent enterprise and fair dealing.

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