W. G. Mitchell & Co.

W. G. Mitchell & Co., Calico Finishers, Calenderers, &c., 21, Cochrane Street.—

    There are few establishments in Glasgow whose history is so interesting as that of Messrs. W. G. Mitchell & Co. The business is one of the oldest in Scotland. It was at first carried on in Stirling Street ; about 1818 the business was removed to larger and more commodious premises at 4, Montrose Street. These were built especially for the firm, and were erected partly upon the site of the old guard-room of the soldiers’ barracks.

    At this time the business was under the firm of Messrs. Reid & Jones. The latter partner was the celebrated naval officer of H.M.S. Shannon, who captured the American warship Chesapeake. The business eventually became known as Taylor & Smith, then as R. & C. Smith. After the decease of the partners in the last-mentioned firm, the business was acquired by Messrs, George Mitchell and Wm. Buchanan. Mr. Mitchell was the senior magistrate of the city and a great enthusiast in the Loch Katrine water scheme. Mr. Buchanan is now the sole partner, and is very ably assisted in the business by his two sons, Messrs. Walter and W. A. Buchanan.

    About ten years ago a move was made to more extensive premises, the finishing department was removed to Barrowfield, the town office of the house being 21, Cochrane Street. The firm altogether employ about seventy hands. Messrs. Mitchell & Co. (the business being still known under this title) are noted for the superior quality of their work. Their connections extend to all parts of the world. The business is very ably conducted, and to this the firm owe much of their success.

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