Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, Auctioneer, &c., 66, Mitchell Street.

    Among the leading firms in the auctioneering branch of trade, the business presided over by Mr. Thomas Moore occupies a very prominent position. It has been in existence a considerable number of years, having been originally founded by Campbell, Davidson & Beek, and taken over by the present proprietor in 1867, at premises in Argyle Street, whence the business was subsequently removed to the establishment now occupied. Mr. Moore occupies a very spacious suite of offices. An efficient staff is engaged, and a large amount of work is done in the various departments that are incidental to the work of an auctioneer.

    A very large business is done in the sale of furniture, in which connection the firm are particularly noted. Many valuable descriptions of property, such as articles of vertu, books, wines, jewellery, plants, stock in trade, and movable property generally are also sold by the firm. Mr. Moore is also a valuator for all kinds of probate duty, transfers, and similar purposes. He also conducts the sale of heritable property, either by private treaty or by public auction. The transactions are carried out in a thoroughly business-like manner, and commendable promptitude and dispatch are shown in everything undertaken. The business is very ably conducted and ranks among the foremost in the trade.

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