John Morrison

John Morrison, Draper, Milliner, and Clothier, 88, Crown Street, and 143, Govan Street.—

    The extensive business carried on by Mr. John Morrison, draper, milliner, and clothier, at his several establishments, presents a striking instance of the results of that commendable spirit of enterprise and energy which so strongly animates the business men of this city. Coming from the historical and baronial village of Downe, Perthshire, a lad, he entered the employment of that leading commercial house, J. & W. Campbell, with whom he remained some twenty years.

    In the year 1866 he commenced business on his own account, and was also soon able, through family influence and activity, to open a drapery business in his native village, which is superintended by Miss Morrison, and has continued to flourish under able management. Dating back in its foundation to the year 1866, the business has gradually developed, and the departments have been extended so as to embrace every branch of the drapery, millinery, and clothing trade.

    The premises, for this locality, are extensive and commodious, comprising two large double shops, together with sufficient warehouse accommodation and workrooms, in which an efficient staff of experienced milliners and dressmakers is constantly employed. Mr. Morrison has recently opened another large establishment at 102, Victoria Road, Crosshill. This is under the management of Mrs. Morrison, owing to whose experience and energy a very large and rapidly increasing trade is controlled.

    The stock is large and comprehensive, and is replete with all the best features in ladies’ dress materials of the finest quality and in the newest designs and colours ; ladies’ L W. combination dresses, costumes, mantles, and jackets, in the most fashionable styles ; children’s knitted combinations, boys’ suits, overcoats, and reefers ; young ladies’ school dresses in great variety, knitted shawls, wool wraps, fur boas, capes, and trimmings, wool hats and hoods ; and a splendid assortment of ladies’ and children’s millinery, silk, linen, and cambric handkerchiefs, all-wool flannels by the best makers, real Ayrshire and Scotch blankets, bed quilts, lambs’ wool shirts and pants, &c. Dresses and dressmaking are a special feature in this establishment.

    The proprietor, Mr. John Morrison, is well known and highly esteemed in this city, having been so long and honourably associated with its commercial prosperity. He was for some years chairman of the Fourteenth Ward Committee, and has always taken an earnest and active interest in political, social, and religious matters.

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