Mowat & Miller

Mowat & Miller, Home Timber Merchants, Board and Veneer Cutters, Greenhaugh Saw Mills, Robert and Helen Streets, Govan.ó

    The extensive business carried on by Messrs. Mowat & Miller, home timber merchants, board and veneer cutters, Greenhaugh Saw Mills, presents many features of more than ordinary interest, and in the extent and importance of its operations occupies a very prominent position in the trade. Dating back in its foundation to the year 1853, the business was established by Mr. James Mowat originally in St. Jamesís Road. The present extensive premises were acquired in 1875. At this time Mr. Ebenezer Erskine Miller joined Mr. Mowat, and the firm became known. as James Mowat & Co., which was subsequently changed in the year 1885 to the present title of Mowat & Miller. On the lamented death of Mr. Mowat in 1886, Mr. Miller became the sole proprietor.

    The Greenhaugh Saw Mills, situated in Robert and Helen Streets, Govan, occupy an area of nearly eight thousand square yards of land, and comprise a large yard stacked with all kinds of cut and uncut timber, and having two powerful steam derrick cranes sweeping the whole area. Adjoining this is the sawmill, a large building 120 feet by 75 feet, in which there are two veneer saws of the most improved pattern, and four board-cutting machines, circular and band saws, with hot pan and other paraphernalia connected with veneer cutting, and appliances suitable to the business. There is also excellent drying lofts with adjustable boards inside the main building, and storage accommodation, also three other large drying sheds. An adequate staff of workmen are employed, the firm doing a very fair business as German board machine and circular veneer sawyers, also general home wood timber merchants.

    Special features to be mentioned in connection with this firm, are the large selections of ash planking, spokes, staves, &c., for cart, van, and coach building, and also pure white plane trees which they have also in stock, varying in size from 3/8 to 6 inches in thickness, for ships cabins and general cabinet work. In beech planking a large stock is kept for cogs, beetlers, &c., of which large quantities are shipped to all parts of the world. The connections are of a very widespread and influential character, extending to all parts of Scotland.

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