A. B. Muir

A. B. Muir, Baker and Confectioner, Rusk and Biscuit Manufacturer, 8, Sedan Place, Paisley Road, W.

    The domestic art bread and biscuit baking is appropriately represented by the well-known establishment conducted by Mr. A. B. Muir, which was founded by him in 1884. The ground floor of 8, Sedan Place is retained for the well-appointed front shop and spacious bakehouse, fitted with superior constructed ovens and other appliances essential in this branch of industry.

    Every kind of fancy bread and confectionery is produced by experienced and picked tradesmen, under the personal superintendence of Mr. Muir. The bread is noted for its nutritious qualities, thorough baking, and freedom from acidity and unwholesome ingredients. Pastries of the finest description also produced, the specialities for which the house has a great reputation being wedding and christening cakes, ices, jellies, creams, &c. Specimens of a most recherch character in all kinds of cakes are found here in grand display, and also of the other goods produced, the whole of which are renowned all over the city for their superior quality and excellence.

    Mr. Muir supplies with bread the famed Clyde steamer "Lord of the Isles". A very extensive family and retail trade is conducted at the emporia. The proprietor is a practical tradesman, and a gentleman highly respected by his numerous customers.

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