James Muir & Son

James Muir & Son, Upholsterers and Cabinet Makers, House and Ship Furnishers, 5, Bothwell Circus, Bothwell Street.ó

    A noted and worthy firm of cabinet makers is that of Messrs. James Muir & Son. Mr. James Muir originally commenced business in Blythswood Terrace, thirty-seven years ago. His son, Mr. R. Muir, being admitted a junior partner in the present business about six years since, is now the sole proprietor.

    The premises are on a suitable scale, with a spacious showroom on the ground floor, and the basement is utilised as an upholstery workshop. The warehouse and showrooms contain every kind of furniture and furnishings suited to gratify the tastes of all classes. Bedsteads in brass and wood, French, half-tester, &c., are found in stock. Bedding is made by the firmís own workpeople. Floor-covering, including linoleum, oilcloths, and wax-cloths of every description are here seen. The floorcloths and lineoleums are principally from Nairn and other celebrated Kircaldy makers ; carpets, Kidderminsters, Brussels, and others. A run through this establishment would undoubtedly serve to whet the desire of the connoisseur in drawing-room, Queen Anne, and other furniture, which, together with shop-furnishings, constitute the specialities in which the firm have made their reputation : settees, chairs, couches, beautifully upholstered in velvets, plushes, tapestries, &c., in the best possible style. The dining-room furniture is just as good and select as the drawing-room. The sofas, chairs, sideboards, and tables are most substantial and will stand the most searching scrutiny. The sideboards are in oak and Spanish mahogany, with handsomely carved trusses, carved mirror-back, &c. The couches are in various shapes, and are covered with moroccos, velvets, &c. Everything is manufactured, from an elaborate carved oak sideboard to the plainest footstool. All kinds of shipís upholstery and bedding are made, restuffed, and recovered in the best possible manner. Mr. Muir carefully superintends every article made. The workmen employed are all picked tradesmen. The trade is well established in Glasgow and the vicinity.

    The proprietor is a gentleman practically conversant with the details of the business and highly respected throughout the trade.

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