Robert Muir

Robert Muir, Warehouseman, 83, Jamaica Street.ó

    Mr. Robert Muir is well known in the commercial world, and is the proprietor of an establishment that has taken a leading position in the trade. It was originally established about seven years ago at premises in Shields Road. A very important trade was developed, and this led to the necessity for occupying more commodious premises. The business was therefore transferred to the present location about twelve months ago.

    Mr. Muir occupies a very spacious and attractive-looking establishment where he commands a large trade, both wholesale and retail. The premises are very commodiously arranged in every detail, and contain a large stock of materials suitable for gentlemenís clothing, ladiesí jackets, ulsters, &c. Mr. Muir has his work done outside the establishment, and in this way employs a large number of hands. Not only does Mr. Muir make goods from his own materials, but he is also willing to make up gentlemenís own cloth in the most fashionable style at a very moderate cost.

    Another very noticeable feature in the business is the manufacture and sale of ladiesí jackets, dolmans, and ulsters. In this department the firm are well known and have achieved an unqualified success. The goods supplied are of the very best make in every department. A large trade is done, and the business connections extend to all parts of the West of Scotland. The business is very ably conducted and is one of the most thriving in the trade.

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