Robt. Muir & Co.

Robt. Muir & Cos., Copper Works, 146, Lancefield Street.

    The branches of industry that are, comprised in all classes of work in copper are very ably represented in the well-known firm of Robert Muir & Co., one of the oldest and most renowned houses in the trade. It was originally founded in 1840, and was taken over in 1879 by Mr. Robert Muir, who afterwards took in Mr. Robert Maclaren as partner.

    The Lancefield Copper and Brass Works are well known. Facing Lancefield Street there is a compact and well-fitted office, and adjoining this is a lodge. Behind these, but separated from them by a narrow path, there is a very large shed used as workshops, foundry, &c. This is admirably fitted with all the most approved appliances and plant incidental to the various branches of copper and brass work.

    The firm devote special attention to the execution of marine work in copper. This is a branch of the industry that has special reference to Glasgow trade, a consequence of the numerous large houses that are engaged in all kinds of marine engineering. Another very important feature of the business is the construction of a variety of brewery, distillery, and sugar-refining apparatus, a department in which the firm have achieved great success and become widely noted.

    A large number of hands are employed in the different departments, the work being carried out under the careful supervision of the proprietor, who has a thoroughly practical knowledge of every department. The firm are also extensively engaged in manufacturing all descriptions of chemical apparatus that are constructed of copper or brass work. In every department they have gained great renown for the very careful manner in which the orders are executed, and the excellence of the workmanship displayed. A large business is done, principally among the leading houses in the Glasgow district, with whom there is an extensive connection. The business is ably conducted and owes much of its success to the energy and ability displayed in the management.