Muir, Toward & Co.

Muir, Toward & Co., Manufacturers, 128, Ingram Street.

    In reviewing historically the various industries and manufactures which contribute so materially to the commercial prosperity of the city of Glasgow and the regular employment of a large section of its industrial population, it is most interesting to meet with a firm of such high standing and extensive connections as that of Messrs. Muir, Toward & Co., of the above address. This eminent house deserves special prominence in any industrial review.

    The business was established over fifteen years ago, originally at 3, North Court, Royal Exchange, when owing to its rapid development and the want of increased accommodation, the present extensive and commodious premises were acquired. The warehouse comprises two large flats, having an immense area, with all the accessories of a large and thoroughly organised establishment, and a spacious suite of well appointed offices and counting-house, upwards of sixty warehousemen and other employees being constantly engaged on the premises.

    The firm manufacture a variety of goods of a superior quality, including all wool flannels, union fancy flannels, union costume cloths, ginghams, plain and fancy zephyrs, plain and fancy Oxfords, a speciality being pyjama cloths in great variety of pattern and colours, also ponchos, &c. The firm have a splendid connection with the leading houses throughout the United Kingdom, and also do an extensive and ever increasing export business, being well represented in the American, continental, and colonial markets. The business is conducted throughout with marked ability, energy, and enterprise, and the extent and importance of the operations of this firm well justify its position as one of the largest and most influential of the great mercantile houses of the city of Glasgow.