James Muirhead & Sons

James Muirhead & Sons, Goldsmiths and Jewellers, 90, Buchanan Street.—

    There are few of the highest branches of trade and art-industry that receive better exemplification in modern Glasgow than does the ancient craft and calling of the  goldsmith and jeweller ; and in this connection it would be difficult to indicate a Glasgow house whose representative characteristics more strongly recommend it to notice than that of Messrs. James Muirhead & Sons. This distinguished house was founded as far back as 1816, at its present address and under its present title, and its extensive and distinctly high-class business is conducted to-day under the joint proprietorship of Mr. James R. Stewart and Mr. John A. Stewart, who retain the original designation of the firm, and in every respect and particular manifest both the will and the capacity to uphold all its old-time eminent repute and honourable traditions.

    The premises occupied comprise a large and exceedingly handsome ground-floor shop, elegantly appointed throughout, and peculiarly suited, in all points of character and situation, to the business requirements of a goldsmith and jeweller of the first class. Here is displayed a stock that is remarkable for volume, variety, and value alike, and takes rank among the finest aggregations of similar goods to be found in Glasgow to-day. Its principal departments are six in number, and embrace :-

(1) gold and silver watches
(2) gold, silver, and gem jewellery
(3) clocks and bronzes
(4) silver plate
(5) electro-plate
(6) fine nickel-plated goods and table cutlery.

    To these may be added a supplementary department for ship’s requisites in horological goods, and a working department for repairs. The assortment of superior watches in gold and silver includes a very wide range of first-class articles at all prices, from ladies’ and boys’ serviceable Geneva silver watches at £2 10s., up to the most intricate gold-cased chronometer, chronograph, repeater, or calendar watch at the highest prices ; and every intermediate stage between these two extremes has received the fullest consideration.

    In jewellery Messrs. Muirhead sustain the reputation their house has always enjoyed, and show a magnificent variety of goods of exquisite design and workmanship. The firm are especially noted for their fine diamond work; and a special agent is retained in Paris to look out for and send over every worthy novelty in bijouterie that makes its appearance in the “Gay City.” Very beautiful are the choice specimens displayed in Messrs. Muirhead’s fine showroom in artistic clocks and bronzes ; dining room, library, drawing-room, and carriage clocks, chiming clocks, hall and office-wall clocks, and timepieces of every class and description are here represented by the best modem productions in such lines.

    All kinds of jewellers' fancy goods are also shown ; and the stock of solid silver and electro-plate, nickel-plate, table cutlery, ships’ chronometers, &c. &c., can only be duly appreciated after actual inspection. Certainly no house in Glasgow could be more strongly recommended as a likely spot whereat to secure a desirable article for any presentation purpose ; and Messrs. Muirhead have developed a special feature of no inconsiderable value in catering to the requirements of yachting, shooting, and all athletic clubs in the matter of prize cups, plate, and trophies.

    The firm have been very largely engaged in supplying presentation goods for municipal purposes, and were entrusted with the exceptionally important commission of designing and executing the magnificent casket offered by the Corporation of Glasgow to the Queen, on the occasion of her Majesty's jubilee. This work, it is needless to say, was a complete artistic triumph of the goldsmith’s craft. Messrs. James Muirhead & Sons confine their business operations exclusively to the manufacture and supply of goods of the first class ; their trade extends to all parts of the world, and their patronage is drawn from the most distinguished circles. Their name has always been identified with the best achievements of the jeweller’s art and the watchmaker’s technical skill, and no house has better preserved the credit and distinction of a reputation that has gained nothing but enhancement since its first establishment nearly three-quarters of a century ago.