Munro & Company

Munro & Company, Manufacturers, 10, Hutcheson Street (corner of Trongate).—

    This business, now conducted under the style of Munro & Co., was commenced by Miss Munro thirty-five years ago (in 1853) in Sydenham Place, South Side, and removed to Nicholson Street in 1864, and was again removed to the present address in 1879. The co-partnership consists of Miss Munro, Mr. Thomas Jack, and Miss Gilfillan.

    They are costume makers and ladies’ underclothing and baby linen manufacturers, and they work entirely for the trade. In addition to the underclothing and baby linen department, the firm manufacture children’s pinafores, aprons, and blouses, sewed dresses and capes, also pique, tartan, merino, and pelisses, dresses and capes, ladies’ dresses and mantles, white skirts, lustre skirts, satin skirts, and aprons in lustre, silk, merino, and velvet; sewed trimmings, Swiss and Scotch, &c.

    The firm occupy spacious premises in Hutcheson Street, comprising warehouse and workrooms, and employ about forty workers. The warehouse contains a large, varied, and valuable stock, which is most admirably kept ; and the goods are made in the best possible style. The firm have a splendid connection, and require the services of several travellers. The commercial reputation of the house is first class, and the business is conducted on the most commendable lines.

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