Murdoch & Ramsay

Murdoch & Ramsay, Manufacturers, 67, Miller Street.—

    One of the most noted and important manufacturing houses in Glasgow is that in the proprietorship of Messrs. Murdoch & Ramsay, whose business is one of the oldest established of its kind in the district. It was originally established in 1855 by Messrs. Thomas Bowman & Co., who were succeeded by the present firm in 1882. The business was first carried on in Princes Square, and was removed to the present address in 1886.

    The firm now occupy a very large warehouse and factory, where they employ a great number of hands. When they first commenced their trade was almost entirely confined to the manufacture of hand-made muslins, but since then the firm have undertaken the manufacture of children’s dresses, pinafores, morning dresses, &c. These are made of various materials, such as Holland, print, diaper, muslin, tweed, &c. A large business is also done in making ladies’ aprons. The firm are renowned for the exceptional quality of the goods they produce. A large business is done through their agents in London, Manchester, and Dublin, and in the shipping department. The business is very ably conducted and takes high rank in the trade.

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