James Murdoch

James Murdoch, Pastry Cook and Confectioner, 269, Argyle Street.—

    One of the most popular establishments in Glasgow is that of the pastry cook’s and confectioner’s so widely known under the name of James Murdoch. It was established in 1856. The premises first occupied were pulled down by the Caledonian Railway Company to make way for their new central station. The present establishment is a magnificent place of considerable extent, and affords accommodation for more than a hundred and twenty persons at one time. The business has a reputation that extends all over the world. No one that has been to Glasgow could have failed to hear of and most likely visit “Murdoch's”.

    The original founder, Mr. James Murdoch, was a proprietor of unbounded popularity. At the present time he and Mrs. Murdoch have retired, and live to a great extent at Prestwick, where he owns considerable property. The business is carried on by Mr. McDonald, a thoroughly experienced and energetic man, who has worthily maintained its excellent reputation. Mr. McDonald is a near relative of the founder of the business.

    Ever since the establishment was first opened it has been noted for the excellent quality of the goods supplied. Murdoch’s pies were known all over Scotland, and this first-class reputation is still maintained ; and so extensive is the trade done that the resources of the establishment are often taxed to the very utmost, and it is sometimes very difficult to know how to accommodate the crowds that patronise it. There are very few instances of a business becoming so popular or having such a widespread fame and the success that has been achieved reflects great credit both upon the past and the present management.

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