Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray (Agent for Messrs. J. & M. Craig), Perceton and Hillhead Fire Clay Works, Kilmarnock. Office, 98, Commerce Street.—

    For upwards of twenty years the well-known Hillhead and Perceton Fire Clay Works, Kilmarnock, of which Messrs. J. & M. Craig are the proprietors, have had a depot and warehouse in this city, Mr. Alexander Murray of the above address being the representative of the firm. Mr. Murray, does a very extensive business, in fire clay goods, lime, and cement. The well-known sanitary ware manufactured by Messrs. J. & M. Craig has long occupied a prominent and well-sustained position in the trade. All the latest improvements have been introduced into its construction, and the well-known and durable character of their fire clay has made this ware very popular with sanitary engineers, architects, and builders.

    The stock held by Mr. Murray embraces glazed sewerage pipes, patent traps and cesspools, grease boxes, white and yellow enamelled sinks, wash tubs, and milk coolers, white and coloured enamelled bricks ; also Buchan’s patent, sanitary appliances, including the famous drain ventilating traps, of which about 70,000 are now in use all over the country, and in America, the Colonies, &c. ; patent trap fittings, patent improved drain-pipes, patent grease traps, as used at Balmoral Castle, the Highland residence of the Queen ; and Buchan’s anti-bell traps, Maguire’s patent safety-joint drain pipes, and Potts’s patent Edinburgh air-chambered sewer trap. Buchan’s patent drain traps, awarded a gold medal at the International Health Exhibition, London, 1884, and highest awards at the other recent Sanitary Exhibitions. Potts’s patent trap was also awarded a gold medal at the International Health Exhibition, London, 1884, and at the Edinburgh International Exhibition, 1886. Messrs. J. & M. Craig received the only gold medal awarded for fire clay goods.

    Mr. Murray is also agent for Messrs. Craig’s, Longpark Sanitary Pottery, Kilmarnock, at which they manufacture sanitary and plumbers’ earthenware, including cabinet stands, plug and tip-up basins, urinals, water closets, toilet ware, &c., the “Silent” flush-out closet, the Shield’s flush-out closet, and Armstrong’s patent automatic flushing urinals.

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