Thomas Naismith & Co.

Thomas Naismith & Co., Wholesale China Merchants, 70, Trongate.—

    Messrs. Naismith & Co., established since 1875, and occupants of the above fine premises since 1880, do an extensive business. There is an ingenious faculty for tickling the humour of the passing public connected with the management of the business which does not fail to attract much attention and patronage. The playful spirit and homely invitations of these rhythmical advertisements have a refrain of a “Come and see me, anyway” kind of nature about them which invariably incite a smile, and very often make purchasers.

    Messrs. Naismith’s establishment has various departments on the basement floor, which are extensively arrayed with all shapes and forms of earthen and china ware. On the ground floor is a large single shop, extending far back, with cellarage far exceeding the dimensions of the shop. This “ Kristal Pallia”, humorously referred to in their rhyming advertisement, is certainly no travesty, for a more beautiful array of crystal and stoneware no one need wish to see. The firm have just added a large saloon, 22 feet square, to the rear of their premises. This gives them 630 feet of additional shelving. There is also a ladies’ lavatory on the premises, in which respect the firm’s example is one that is well worthy of imitation by those establishments which profess to pay so much attention to matters of public convenience. They do an immense cash and wholesale trade in town and country.

    Mr. Thomas Naismith resides in one of the important suburbs of the city, and is an active public gentleman, and has done much to further the interests of his locality. He was one of the promoters of an Improvement Committee, which has for its object the lighting of the neighbourhood, the erection of a fountain to commemorate Her Majesty’s Jubilee, and the general welfare of the suburb, working in conjunction with the local and parochial authorities in sanitary and other matters. He is much respected for his commercial and public spirit.

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