James Neil

James Neil, Tradeston Free Stores, 76, Dale Street.ó

    The Free Stores of Mr. James Neil, have been known to business men for a considerable number of years. Mr. Neil first commenced business in Clarence Street, but removed to his present extensive premises in Dale Street about nine years ago. The business of a general free store is carried on. Their proximity to the shipping is a great advantage, as goods can be easily removed at once from the quay on the arrival of the steamer. These stores are largely used for the storage of flour, grain, sugar, etc., the modem appliances for the handling of which are unsurpassed. By merchants and manufacturers all over the city, Mr. Neilís stores are extensively used, but the bakers, biscuit manufacturers, confectioners, grain merchants, etc., on the South Side find them well suited to the requirements of their needs. They are well-built, commodious stores, and are dry and airy. These stores are connected with the telephone system (No. 1,526). Mr. James Neil conducts one of the best and most extensive storage concerns on the South Side.

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