J. & R. Neill

J. & R. Neill, Bonded and Free Ship Store Merchants, Wholesale and Export Grocers, 32, Clyde Place, S.S.—

    In the trade of ship store merchants, Messrs. J. & R. Neill have been long and honourably known. This firm has acquired a capital connection. The business was established in 1859 by the present proprietors, Messrs. J. & R. Neill.

    The premises occupied consist of a good double shop in front, counting-house and private office ; while behind there is a commodious warehouse stocked with every description of ships’ provisions. These comprise a wide variety of both bonded and free stores :—wine, brandy, whisky, cigars, and tobacco, along with all kinds of general stores — beef, bread, biscuits, flour, hams, preserved meat, sauces, jellies, &c., &c., of the best qualities and at moderate prices.

    The firm do a large business with all classes of shipowners and seafaring men. The standing of the firm ensures the thorough quality of the stores supplied. For a long number of years this has justly been considered one of the foremost houses in the trade.

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