Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor

Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor, Silk Mercers, Linen Drapers, Costumiers, and Outfitters, 44, Buchanan Street.—

    One of the foremost among Glasgow establishments in its line is that controlled by Messrs. Neilson, Shaw, and Macgregor, the eminent firm of silk mercers and drapers, whose fine warerooms bold such a prominent post among the commercial and structural features of Buchanan Street. This notable house was founded at the site of its present headquarters in 1841, the business being inaugurated by the late Sir James Campbell, in conjunction with the late Mr. William Campbell, under the well-known title of Campbell & Co. In 1866 the business assumed its present title of Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor, being carried on by these gentlemen until quite recently. The only remaining partners are Mr. John B. Neilson and Mr. William Shaw, sons of the above, and we are pleased to observe that they are continuing to carry on the business under the same title, and maintain the traditions of the house.

    The premises occupied are very large, commodious, and in every respect well adapted for a drapery warehouse of the first class. They were originally designed and built specially for the firm, and have subsequently been subjected to several enlargements. In their present form the buildings comprise a fine block of commanding situation and appearance, containing four extensive floors. The warehouse was originally known in business circles as “The Pavilion”, and so closely did this familiar word become identified with the house that it has been adopted as the telegraphic address of the firm, “Pavilion, Glasgow”. It is worthy of note that the Central Saloon is the site of the original “Pavilion” in which a banquet was given to Sir Robert Peel in or about the year 1836.

    The premises contain in their many departments a stock of superior goods not excelled in Western Scotland in point of exhaustive variety, extent, comprehensiveness, and excellent value. The ground floor is devoted mainly, and almost exclusively, to hosiery and fancy goods, of which the firm hold a magnificent array, replete with high-class and moderate-priced novelties. On the first floor are silks, black and coloured, woollen dress goods, tartans, cloths, muslins, laces, ribbons, small wares, and furs. Each of these departments is profusely and completely stocked, but special mention should be accorded to that for dress goods, in which the firm show some exceptionally fine lines of high-class and fashionable dress fabrics. Notable among these is their registered cloth, “Vicuna Royal”, for autumn wear. This fabric is remarkable for its combination of light weight, strong, fine texture, and durable quality, and being entirely produced in natural colours, will keep its original shade and appearance through all climatic exposure. At their very moderate price of 3s. 3d. per yard (46 inches wide) they constitute exceptionally good value in first-class dress materials.

    Messrs. Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor are also exhibiting some most commendable ranges in the “Clyde Yachting Serges”, which are offered in six excellent qualities at from a shilling to half a crown per yard (27 inches wide). Particularly noticeable are the superb stocks held on this floor in all the clan tartans of Scotland. These goods are all of the most attractive nature, every one of the great clans being represented with absolute fidelity in pattern and colour, and Messrs. Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor stand among the very few firms even in Scotland who have successfully made a specialité of these interesting and beautiful national fabrics. The firm are exhibiting these tartans at the Exhibition, where their merits are certain to receive the stamp of official and public appreciation.

    In the South Saloon, same floor, are the cotton, linen, and flannel departments, and the commodious and handsomely appointed counting-house. The North Saloon contains the carpet, curtain, and napery departments, with superb stocks of rich and artistic goods. On the second floor are all the various departments incidental to mantle-making, millinery, dressmaking, and ladies’ outfitting. Everything produced here is of the highest excellence in point of style, material, and quality, and the house enjoys a reputation in these important departments that is second to none in Glasgow. In connection with the superb showrooms on this floor are fitting and other rooms. The top floor contains the workrooms of the establishment, populous with a busy operative staff, spacious, airy, well-lighted, and in all respects perfectly equipped.

    Altogether a force of about three hundred hands is employed, and nothing could be more commendable than the splendid order and system which prevail in every part of the premises. The specialities of the house are silks, laces, tartans, mantles, millinery, and made-up dresses. In these lines they are distinctly famous, and their patronage is drawn from the rank, wealth, and fashion of Glasgow and the west country. Messrs. Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor possess a reputation and a status among the business houses of Glasgow which place them prominently in the front ranks of the great representative mercantile institutions of the Clyde capital. The trade controlled is one of considerable volume, and the whole business is conducted by a capable and energetic proprietary upon principles which have commanded success in the past, and which are certain to insure its future continuance.

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