Neilsonís Temperance Hotel

Neilsonís Temperance Hotel, 88, Ingram Street.ó

    There are few items of information more valuable to a traveller or a visitor to a strange town than a knowledge of a good hotel that is at the same time a reasonable one. Such an establishment is that known as Neilsonís Temperance and Commercial Hotel, at 83, Ingram Street. The premises have a very attractive and elegant appearance, and are situated in a part of the city which is extremely convenient for business purposes.

    Throughout the whole of the establishment commendable regard has been paid to the comfort of the visitors, and the various apartments are furnished in luxurious style. There are over thirty apartments. Throughout every department the management is perfect, the attendance is good, and in cuisine and all other arrangements the hotel affords the comfort of a home at charges that will compare very favourably with many houses where the prices and the accommodation are very often in inverse ratio. Having been in existence over nine years, a very large and influential connection has been formed. For business men the hotel is particularly suitable, from its proximity to most of the principal railway stations and the chief centres of commercial activity.

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