Neish & Stevenson

Neish & Stevenson, Clothiers, 351, Argyle Street.

    One of the most prominent Glasgow houses in the clothing trade is that of Messrs. Neish & Stevenson, which was established by Mr. James Neish at the present address in 1866, Mr. Stevenson having joined the firm in 1879. The premises are fixtured in a superior style, and present an attractive street frontage. The well-appointed workshops are in the rear, a full staff of experienced workmen being permanently employed.

    The stock held consists of all the best and finest Scotch and West of England tweeds, Meltons, cashmeres, vicunas, box-cloths, &c. The trade of the house is exclusively of a bespoke class, and the greatest care is taken that the workmanship in every detail is of the highest standard of merit, the general design and finish of all work turned out from the establishment being all that culture and taste in the matter of scientifically-cut clothing could desire. The patronage accorded the house is very extensive.

    Both partners have long been known in the clothing business, and are gentlemen of the highest trade status.

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