Andrew S. Nelson & Co.

Andrew S. Nelson & Co., Engineers and Contractors, Railway and Tramway Plant and Rolling Stock, 18a, Renfield Street.

    One of the noteworthy Scottish houses, in its important sphere of engineering and contracting activity, is that of Messrs. Andrew S. Nelson & Co. The extensive and representative business controlled by this firm was founded in West Nile Street in 1879, and has always been conducted under the style of Andrew S. Nelson & Co. Five years ago the offices at the present address in Renfield Street were taken, and have since been the headquarters of the house.

    These premises are commodious, and comprise counting-house, private rooms, and drawing offices, wherein may be seen numerous drawings, designs, and illustrations of the classes of work undertaken by the firm, including a great variety of working drawings of wagons of various types. Among these is noticeable the design of an equilibrium side-tipping wagon, the principle of which is excellent, embodying simplicity, efficiency, and much ingenuity of device. A description of its modus operandi would, however, hardly be practicable here without the aid of illustrations ; but the wagon is decidedly to be commended to the attention of all who may be interested in improved conveyances of this nature.

    Messrs. Nelson are prominent in connection with the supply of railway and tramway plant and rolling stock. They are contractors for the supply of railway carriages and wagons, wheels and axles, and their operations as merchants in plant and rolling stock are extensive. In the latter they do the bulk of the trade in Scotland. They supply a great deal of railway and light tramway plant for foreign countries, and have shipped large quantities of material of this kind including rails, light wagons, steam-engines, and steam-power plant to various parts of the world, notably to South America and India and China and Africa. They have developed many valuable and highly successful specialities, and conduct a large volume of business in wagon hiring and financing of wagons.

    The departments particularly specialised by the firm are as follows : railway rails, chairs, and all accessories ; grooved tramway rails ; girder and other sections ; points and crossings ; light rails for collieries, mines, &c. ; iron and steel sleepers ; patent portable railways ; railway rolling stock ; tramway cars and wagons ; steel and iron hutches ; wagons and bogies for collieries, mines, plantations, &c. ; wheels, axles, springs, tyres, and everything of a constructional character connected with railway and rolling stock.

    The business is well developed in all its branches, and is personally conducted with enterprise and ability. The house is known both at home and abroad, and the position it holds in the department of trade with which its name is closely identified has been attained by faithful devotion to the observance of sound and honourable principles, and the practice of commercial methods unquestionable in integrity and rectitude.

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