Wm. Nelson

Wm. Nelson, Coach Builder, 37 and 39, Cromwell Street.ó

    The extensive business carried on by Mr. Wm. Nelson presents many features of more than usual interest, and has for many years occupied a very prominent position amongst the industrial establishments of this city. This business was founded in 1878, when it was established by the present proprietor in North Woodside Road, whence, owing to its rapid development, Mr. Nelson removed to his present premises, having spent a large amount of money in adapting them to his purposes. These cover an area of over 900 yards, and comprise workshops, showrooms, and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house.

    A visit to this factory is both interesting and instructive, as displaying almost every kind of carriage in the various stages of construction, and also in the showrooms many splendid specimens of this firmís manufacture, comprising broughams, landaus, victorias, pheetons, waggonettes, sociables, stanhopes, dog-carts, &c., &c. These carriages are all built of the best and thoroughly seasoned materials and on the most approved principles, and the most of the work is done to special order, as there is nothing done in the cheap, slipshod style that is current at the present day. Mr. Nelson is himself the inventor of several important improvements which he has introduced into the construction of these carriages.

    The sanitary arrangements of the factory and the whole establishment are perfect. Mr. Nelsonís exertions have been rewarded by his acknowledged eminence in the trade, and the patronage of many of the nobility of Great Britain and the aristocracy and gentry of Glasgow and the vicinity.

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