The New York Life Insurance Company

The New York Life Insurance Company, 12, Renfield Street.

    One of the largest and most eminent of life insurance companies is The New York Life Insurance Company, whose Glasgow office is located in Renfield Street. This office dates its foundation several years prior to 1845.

    Among the advantages offered by this company is their non-forfeiting tontine limited endowment plan, which embodies in a single policy all the most notable and most valuable features which life insurance experts have yet discovered. Its benefits may be briefly summarised as follows : insurance for a definite amount, a definite cash endowment, a tontine dividend, with practical freedom of action with respect to occupation, travel, or residence, after two years, without extra expense. This particular policy is issued to cover periods of ten, fifteen, and twenty years respectively. The company merit the highest praise for breaking through the trammels of insurance technique, and opening up to the provident population all over the world a unique means of accumulating wealth. The rates of premium for all classes of insurance business by this company are extremely liberal, while the high social status of the directorate generally, together with the known reputation of all the officials, place this company in the front rank of competitors for public confidence.

    The local manager is Mr. A. Finnie Young, a gentleman who is well known in insurance circles in Glasgow and district. The London offices, which are the headquarters for Great Britain and Ireland, are at 76 and 77, Cheapside, E.C.

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