Norval & Sons

Norval & Sons, Billiard Table Makers, 49 and 57, Argyle Street.—

    Many firms have endeavoured to meet the requirements of those who, having no convenience for a billiard table in its ordinary form, desire a table that is convertible. Messrs. Norval & Sons have introduced two designs, both of which have met with most unqualified and well-merited success. In that known as the “Popular Billiard and Dining Table” the leaves of the latter are simply placed over the billiard table, which, by a simple contrivance, can be raised to the proper height for play in less than a minute. The “Janus” reversible table is constructed upon totally different lines. One side is the dining table, the other the billiard table. Four brass side bolts are drawn, the table is simply reversed, and there it is, ready for either purpose in a few seconds.

    Messrs. Norval’s business was originally established in 1866. The elegant, well fitted, and heavily-stocked showrooms are at 49, Argyle Street, while the works are at No. 57 in the same thoroughfare. The firm manufacture all descriptions of billiard tables, and are particularly noted for their patent improved india-rubber cushions, which are always soft and pliable. The firm, whose trade is both home and export, also make a variety of requisites for similar pastimes, such as miniature billiard tables, bagatelle tables, folding bagatelle boards, &c., and supply every requisite connected with billiards and other similar games.

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