C. H. Ogden

C. H. Ogden, Junr., Brush Manufacturer, 114, Candleriggs.—

    Among the leading firms in the brush-making trade is that of which Mr. C.H. Ogden, Junr., is the proprietor. This business ranks among the very foremost of its kind in Glasgow, and has been in existence since 1873, when it was established in Bell Street. Owing to the continued increase of trade the proprietor was obliged to remove to his present more commodious premises, where he occupies large warehouses and workshops.

    Mr. Ogden imports, on a very large scale, all descriptions of superior bristles from Russia and other parts. These having been sorted according to their size and their adaptability, various kinds of brushes are afterwards manufactured into those articles for which the firm have acquired such widespread renown. The handles and backs of the brushes are imported in a rough state from Germany, and are afterwards finished upon Mr. Ogden’s premises. The firm manufacture every description of household and machine brush. The various goods, such as shoe-brushes, brooms, grate-brushes, and others intended for household use, form a very important branch of the trade. The firm also make a variety of brushes for use in mills, and for various different forms of machinery. Brushes that are used in foundries, by moulders, &e., are also made, and the special feature of the business is the manufacture of whitewash brushes ; these are copper-bound, and constructed upon the most improved principles.

    Mr. Ogden, who has conducted the business with marked ability and enterprise, is one of the most renowned brush manufacturers in the north of Great Britain, and occupies a leading position in the trade.

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