J. & T. Ogston

J. & T. Ogston, Family and Shipping Butchers, 203, Paisley Road, and 117, Main Street, Gorbals.—

    A house of considerable celebrity in its line is that conducted by Messrs. James and Thomas Ogston, which was founded by them at the present address in 1881. The premises are centrally situated, the ground-floor of the edifice being utilised as a front shop for the display of produce, in the rear of which is a very large mincing machine, driven by water, a sausage machine and other necessary plant. The firm have a branch shop at Main Street, Gorbals.

    A large and well-assorted stock of high-class meat is at all times on hand, the leading specialities being best Scotch beef and prime wether mutton. The firm have also a great reputation for the superb quality of their corned beef and pickled tongues, for which they have a large demand. Ogston’s meat is renowned far and wide, and their cured produce is of an equally high order of merit. The stock may invariably be relied upon as fresh and well dressed, and scrupulous cleanliness is observed in all the processes of dressing and curing.

    All the assistants employed are experienced and picked tradesmen, the firm members carefully superintending the organization of the business. A thoroughly well-established family trade is conducted with tact and energy, and a very extensive business done in shipping orders. Messrs. Ogston are tradesmen of the highest status, and highly respected by their numerous customers for their courtesy and punctual execution of their orders.

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