J. Oldfield & Sons

J. Oldfield & Sons, leather belting Manufacturers, Leather and Buffalo Picker Makers, Tanners, Curriers, Mill Furnishers, &c., 26 to 34, Kerr Street, Mile End.—

    The house named above is famous as having made an epoch in the manufacture of leather belting in this country, by the introduction of Oldfield’s patent leather link belting, the success of which, since its first production, has been a striking and remarkable proof of its merit. The house of Messrs. J. Oldfield & Sons was founded in Charlotte Lane in 1873, the original title of the first firm bearing the name of Oldfield in connection with leather belt manufacture in Glasgow having been W. Oldfield & Walton. To this concern the present firm succeeded, the personnel of the same now comprising Mr. Jabez Oldfield, Mr. W.W. Oldfield, and Mr. A.H. Oldfield. In 1883 the old premises in Charlotte Lane were vacated, and the present fine establishment, a large and commodious place, with yards and all mechanical and general conveniences of the best character, was occupied. The business has always been one of prominence and importance, and is now continuously and rapidly progressing towards the assumption of immense proportions.

    This creditable state of things is in a large measure due to the fame of the firm’s great speciality in leather link belting, which has been before the industrial public for over twelve years, has been largely used, and has invariably given the greatest satisfaction. Its merits are many, but chief among them are its remarkable strength and durability. The construction of the belting is quite unique, and is of a nature which gives the band, in its complete 'form, a distinct advantage over all other belts in that it has no splices, rivets, or any surface projections, and thus possesses its entire breadth free to grip the superficies of the wheel or pulley upon which it may be working. Another advantage is the fact of the belting running on the edge of the leather, thus giving a gripping power which cannot be got from any other belting. The slipping is reduced to a minimum. It is perfectly flexible, will work in almost any direction, will run equally well over a small or large pulley, and can be altered in length when required with great ease and nicety. For electric lighting it cannot be surpassed ; in general industrial and mechanical use it proves itself without a superior ; and Messrs. Oldfield can refer to firms who have had these patent leather link belts running out six ordinary leather belts. The firm have provided some of the largest engineering, ironfounding, and industrial establishments in Glasgow and Great Britain with this belting, and have also supplied it to the India Office, Admiralty, and several other Government departments. The belting has been extensively adopted on the Continent and in British railway circles, and the house hold a host of unsolicited testimonials affirming the satisfaction it has invariably given.

    Messrs. Oldfield exhibited their great patent at the Fisheries, Health, and Colonial exhibitions with eminent success. At the “ Fisheries ” they received a diploma of honour, at the “Inventions” the highest award, and at the Edinburgh exhibition, 1886, a silver medal. This distinction will, doubtless, be fittingly confirmed at the Glasgow International of 1888, whereat the firm are to be exhibitors.

    The works at Mile End are admirably equipped with all the most improved modem machinery, driven by steam power, and a force of about sixty hands is constantly employed. The manufacture of various other classes of superior belting is engaged in, and the productions include solid woven hair belting, American cotton sewn duck belting, solid woven cotton and linen belting, single and double leather belting, india-rubber, copper sewn and cemented belting ; also buffalo and leather pickers or drivers, loom buffers, &c., and all kinds of laces. The firm are also tanners, curriers, and leather merchants, and do a very large business in all departments. The home trade is one of great magnitude, the export is proportionately large, and the general commercial connections of the house are world-wide. Travellers are employed for Glasgow and Scotland, and resident agents have been appointed in the principal centres of England, the Continent, and the colonies.

    Mr. Jabez Oldfield, the senior partner of the firm, is one of the prominent manufacturers of Glasgow to-day, and is widely known and highly respected in the city. To his skill and inventive capacity the industrial world owes the patent leather link belting, and to his constant energy of purpose and untiring enterprise, in both of which qualities he is admirably seconded by his partners, is due a large measure of the very remarkable and thoroughly well-deserved success it has achieved.

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